Mia Red and white hi res

Creativity takes on many forms, from artistry using pen and paper to social media creatives/ influencers. Here is where creativity meets gift giving. Starting as the designated gift wrapper in my household, I have always had a knack for packaging and wrapping gifts. Just like any piece of art, the packaging and wrapping of gifts tells a lot about the person giving and also receiving the gift.

Having started packaging presents in gift bags, I received a request from a customer wanting to receive a gift box, with products representative of Austin. It was from this inquiry, I thought of AUSTINTACIOUS.

As a 22-year resident of Austin, I have come to know many great local business owners spreading love through products and am now able to fill boxes with these local commodities, serving our community and beyond.

To further benefit our customers, AUSTINTACIOUS also offers customized/ themed boxes and gift wrapping for special occasions (weddings, birthdays, boss’ appreciation day, etc…) to ease the hassle of shopping and gift giving.

I look forward to being of service to you in providing the goodness of Austin through already curated and customized gift boxes and packaging.

Mia Sims

Founder of Austintacious